Solar power has brought enormous benefits to people all around the world. Apart from the obvious environmental benefits, I have seen people from all parts of the world gain a great deal from solar power.

The value of lighting for homes and schools many miles from the nearest power station cannot be measured only in financial terms. Equally the environmental benefits may well outweigh the cost for many.

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X-Hybrid Battery Storage System from SolaX - How It Works


Green Aire Solar Aircondition

Green Aire Solar Aircondition is an incredibly practical appliance.With our thermal solar processing helping heat the medium reducing the compressor workload, with highly efficient heat transfer system, our solar system actually save energy to 50% on your electrical bill.

Model Type
* WITH COOLING CAPACITY 9000btu to 48000btu

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20th Philippine International Construction Equipment & Building Materials Exhibition & Technology Forum

PHILCONSTRUCT has an enviable position as the Philippines' most successful trade exhibition and is one of the region's major building and construction shows. Held annually, PHILCONSTRUCT is an immensely strong brand that continues to grow year after year.

With the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) entering into a formal venture with three of the country's bigger and more dynamic organizations, the Philippine Society of Ventilating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers (PSVARE), the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) and the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA), PHILCONSTRUCT 2009 broke all previous exhibitor and attendance records and is now officially on of the largest trade show ever organized in the region.
Green Energy through its partners, suppliers, and customers strongly advocate the use of Renewable Energy to address the adverse effects of climate change. That’s why our partners, suppliers, and customers are constantly updated through our website on initiatives of various agencies and institutions on the use of Solar energy, to make all stakeholders active participants in the development and expansion of technologies we create.